Tours and Experiences

The light is unique, just like the smell of sea salt, pine forests, herbs.

You immediately realize that Formentera is a different place from what many tourists are used to know. This small island, which covers only 18 km, offers a unique mix of nature and history. A land shaped by small flowers, that let you feel a pure charm. An island famous for its beautiful beaches and its turquoise blue sea.

Chiesa di Sant Francesc

The gateway to Formentera is the port of La Savina, that is the one and only access to the island. This place get its name from the name of the local tree pines that cover all the land of the island. In the east area of the port there’s another small marina just for tourists that gives a luxury look to all the area.

The main town of Formentera is Sant Francesc, with its large pedestrian area, ideal to enjoy a relaxing walk. The ethnological museum includes agricultural machinery, fishing equipment. The old fortified church is a must to visit, especially on Saturday, when after 10 pm it you can listent to jazz bands near the street.

Sant Ferran is the center of the island. In the past it was the heart of the hippie movement in Formentera so nowdays you will find a wonderful mix of restaurants and bars with people of all ages. Opposite the church, every Friday night there is lots of music and events.

Es Pujols is the center of the Formentera’s tourism.

It has a beautiful promenade with many bars and restaurants that offer customers a wide selection of cuisine and spectacular views of the sea. Here, during the high season, life pulsates – especially at night – but it remains cozy and the beach has so much charm.

On Thursday night there’s always a local band music giving the right atmosphere to the Plaza de España. At the bottom of the platou there is Es Calo, a small natural harbor with a few restaurants that offer a beautiful view of the sea. The road ends at the lighthouse of El Pilar de la Mola situated on a cliff 140 meters above sea level.

The windmills

Simple and beautiful, with round walls and conical roofs, remembering their past as places of production and storage of valuable assets. Their wooden blades were powered by the ocean winds and propelled the economy of the island.

Today these mills remind us of an era that no longer exists.

In Sant Francesc Xavier’s, from 1773, the “Molì d’en Mateu” and since 1760 the “Molì d’en Gerona”. In Sant Ferran the “Molì d’en Tauet” has survived since 1760. Two of the windmills at La Mola date back to 1893, although only the tower of one of the two still survives.

One of the most beautiful stories relating to the mills comes from Juan Moliner, a native of Formentera: his “Molì Vell de la Mola” had been run by his family for nearly 200 years, and he ran it since 1956.
In the fall of 1968, he rented it to a worldwide famous man. His name was Bob Dylan. The local people still remember the guitar chords that filled the century-old walls of the building. Maybe he composed the song known as “Blowin ‘In The Wind”?


The beaches

Formentera is blessed with some of the finest beaches in the Mediterranean. With their natural beauty, untouched sand and a crystal clear blue sky, they are able to compete with the beaches of the Caribbean.

For anyone looking for a variety of activities, there are many things to do: play beach volleyball, surfing, sailing, diving or rent a pedal boat and look at the island by the sea. You can also spend a relaxing day with the family on the long and wide sandy Platja de Migjorn (with its 6 km it is the longest beach on Formentera) or Llevant.

Those who love the sun can reach the amazing beauty of Platja Illetes, where you can walk in a cobalt sea and even meet some celebrities. Or take a bit ‘of time to explore the many small and precious beaches around the island. How Cala Saona, or Calo Es Calo des Morts.

For a truly unforgettable day take a trip to Espalmador, a small island on the northern tip of Formentera. Espalmador boasts a stunning bay and white sandy beaches.

And when the sun sets on another beautiful day, one of the best places to admire it is Es Cavall d’en Borràs.

Hippie markets

What remains of the age of the flower-power stands in these colorful markets. Ceramics and batik clothing, incense and belts made of shells. Some of the older traders have been here for almost four decades; second generation hippies came after.

That’s where nostalgia meets souvenirs, crafts, music. The legendary market of La Mola take place every Wednesday and Sunday from 4 pm to 9:30 pm. In the morning, the center of Sant Francesc houses a collection of stalls where you can find handmade jewelry, fashion colorful, summer shoes and light clothes.

The market of Es Pujols opens in the afternoon, and is located in the Plaza de Europa. From 9th of June to 9th of September it will be really exciting to shop along the harbor of La Savina and search for a few good deals. Locals love going to Sant francesc for breakfast or food shopping, but also because behind the church, on Tuesdays and Saturdays (between 10 am and 2 pm) there is a hidden flea market.



Every night, in Sant Ferran, you can visit the art market (except Wednesday and Saturday) from 8 pm to midnight. Some of the artists even paint live, capturing live a small fragment of the life of this beautiful island.